An Introduction And Glossary


Welcome, reader! If you’re here you probably have an interest in makeup. It’s pretty intimidating if you haven’t used it before. Hell, even if you have, it’s still pretty intimidating. Bright purple lipsticks and hundreds of kinds of foundations and undertones and eye shapes and faceshapes, there are just so many things and options that it all seems a little overwhelming.

That, is where I come in.

I’m here to help you learn how to makeup good. I’ll review products and let you know if I think they’re worth your time, do tutorials on how to achieve a certain look, recommend products (including the basics, of course), do comparisons, and much more.

The first lesson, though, is learning the language. This is by no means exhaustive, but you may want to bookmark this entry, as it will be continuously updated as the language evolves and people ask more questions.

Makeup; a glossary

B&A: Before and After. A picture of yourself before applying makeup, and another picture of yourself after applying makeup.
BB Cream: In the West (America, Canada, etc) it’s basically a tinted moisturizer. A liquid that provides very light coverage and is meant primarily for evening out the skintone.
Bold Eye: Bright, colorful eye makeup.
Bold Lip: Bright, colorful lipstick.
CC: Constructive Criticism.
CCW: Constructive Criticism Welcome.
Cool Toned: People who tend to lean more pink than yellow in their undertones.
Contouring: A way of sculpting your face to emphasize and/or alter bone structure made recently famous by Kim Kardashian and drag queens.
Depotting: Removing product pans from a palette or removing a product from its original palette/tube/etc
Dupe: A product that’s essentially identical to another product, primarily in color but also in other aspects like finish and coverage. Usually a cheaper version of a High End product, but may also be used for discontinued colors.
eBates: A place used to get cash back when ordering things online. I personally recommend it, as it’s completely free to sign up, and very trustworthy.
EOTD: Eye of the Day; the eye makeup you’re wearing.
FOTD/FotD: Face of the Day.
Haul: A sizeable amount of products purchased either all at once or over a short period of time.
High End: Expensive name-brand products, such as YSL and Tom Ford.
Hit Pan: When you use enough of a powder product that the bottom of the container (the pan) becomes visible.
HG/Holy Grail: Your absolute favorite of a particular kind of product, such as the foundation you will always go back to, or the lipstick color you’ve been wearing for years.
LE: Limited Edition. Products that, as it sounds like, are only available for a limited amount of time.
LOTD/LotD: Look of the Day.
Mid End: Products more expensive than what you would find in a drug store, but less expensive than High End, such as MAC.
MLBB: My Lips But Better; a lip product that’s almost identical to your natural lip color.
MUA: Make Up Artist. Also referrs to the MakeUpAddicts sub on Reddit.
MUFE: Make Up For Ever, a brand, not a code phrase.
MUG: Make Up Geek, another brand.
No-buy: A period of time where someone is not buying any makeup. Sometimes happens in anticipation of a big sale or large-ticket item, sometimes just to curb money spending.
Neutral Toned: People who fall right in the middle of pink and yellow undertones, and/or do not fit either one perfectly. Olive skin usually is considered Nuetral do to the presence of both warm and cool undertones.
No Makeup Makeup: When someone’s makeup is specifically intended to look like they’re not wearing any makeup.
Power Brow: A very strong, heavily defined eyebrow look.
Prestige: Another way of saying high end.
Primer: A specific type of product that goes on before your makeup to help improve it’s appearance and wear time. Available for the entire face, eye shadow specifically, and for lipstick specifically.
Sephora: A makeup specialty chain that sells primarily mid to high end makeup.
Sponsored: Sponsored posts or videos mean that the product being talked about was sent to the person speaking about it, and not purchased by them. I speak for no one else, but if I ever do any sponsored posts I will let you know right off the bat and give you my honest opinion, regardless of how I received an item.
Swatch: Putting makeup on your skin/face in order to show what it looks like when applied. Helps show what a color looks like when used alone or sometimes over a primer and/or base (in the case of eye shadow).
Tightlining: Applying eyeliner between your upper lashes/to the upper waterline. Make the lashes look fuller.
Ulta: A makeup specialty chain that sells primarily drug store to mid end makeup.
Warm Toned: People who tend to lean more yellow than pink in their undertones.
Waterline: The part of your eyelid that touches your eyeball.

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